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Tasting profile: Vibrant mint alongside Oolong green tea suggests notes of garden fresh honeydew, clean citrus and crisp Bartlett pear. End with an exceptionally smooth feel on a cream tinted backdrop.
Ingredients: Certified organic whole leaf Oolong tea & certified organic whole leaf Pepppermint
Single origin Mint: Cascade mountains, Washington, USA
Single origin Oolong: Wu Yi Mountains, China

Tasting profile: Notes of honeysuckle, salted cherry blossoms, and umami complement layers of earth and limestone. Hints of freshly spun sugar finish flawlessly with passion fruit and luscious green mineral tones.
Ingredients: Certified organic whole leaf Sencha green tea
Single origin: Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

Tasting profile: A full-bodied sweet and nutty profile gives way to complex earthy tones, with well-balanced layers of bay leaf and olive character. A floral velvety elegance of barley sugar ends with a smooth, pleasurable finish.
Ingredients: Certified organic whole leaf Yerba Mate
Single origin: Mata Atlantica, Southern Brazil

TRAVELER: Discover 5 unique teas.

Rooibos: clarify · caffeine-free
Counter the effects of a busy lifestyle with healing minerals.
Sencha green: uplift · medium caffeine
Replace stress with strengthened, feel-good energy.
Silver tip white: rejuvenate · low caffeine
Youthful antioxidants restore luminosity & vitality.
Yerba mate: conquer · high caffeine
Nutrients regenerate stamina for high performance.Mint oolong: cleanse · medium caffeine
Refresh with luxurious detoxifying minerals.


5 individually sealed biodegradable tea bags
Each bag can be re-brewed 4 (or more) times to make a total of 20 cups

Handcrafted in small batches on Oahu, Hawaii